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carbonauten has developed a system for industry that is immediately effective in reducing their CO2 emissions and costs.

The carbonauten system involves the production of a category of materials that is innovative in many aspects "NET Materials® (Negative Emission Technology)".

NET Materials® consist of a combination of biocarbons with different binders/polymers. The biocarbons are produced from biogenic residues through pyrolytic carbonisation. Each tonne of biocarbon stores up to 3.3 tonnes of CO2.

Scaling is ensured by worldwide, decentralised and technologically identical locations.

carbonauten plan to operate 200 sites worldwide in 2030 and have a turnover of at least €2 billion.

If not now, then when?

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Looking For

- Partners from industry

- Location sites (> 3.000 sqm)

- Partners for R & D (Binders and applications)

- Investors for different products and markets

- Scaling up


- Base-load capable renewable energy

- Participations in locations

- Participation in divisions

- Participation in R & D

- New materials that reduce CO2