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WeichertMehner is a communications consultancy. We provide and implement cutting-edge communications campaigns for decision makers, small and large businesses, and the non-profit sector. As experts in the field, our communications campaigns provide a positive image for our clients whose products and services compete in the global marketplace of our complex and fast-changing world.

At WeichertMehner, we translate our clients’ business strategies into effective cross-media communications solutions, which are crucial to achieving their defined business goals. As specialists in strategic communications consulting, WeichertMehner designs a specific communications management plan for each of our clients that addresses their particular needs, and connects them to successful communications channels that place them ahead of their competitors in economics, science, politics, and popular culture.

At WeichertMehner, we meet regularly to discuss current affairs, trends, and hot topics. We forecast what influences potential decision-making. We are a ‘think tank’ of ideas. We consult with marketing and communications decision-makers and create high-performance communications campaigns that take individual business developments into account and support the organization’s products and services by aligning them with the needs of diverse target groups.

At WeichertMehner, we are a team of communications experts. We have a tight-knit staff that has worked together for many years, providing print, media and digital public relations, and advertising campaigns that communicate complex topics to diverse target groups. Since 2005, our clients include international corporations, smaller businesses, associations, institutions and Start-up founders. We forecast and plan strategies for each company’s success to help them achieve their individual business goals. This strategy has brought us valued appreciation and respect in our field, and it is why we are highly-recommended by our clients and a step ahead of our competitors.

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Looking For

We are interested in cooperating with start-ups, medium-sized companies, VC and PE companies as well as scientific organisations in order to use communication to ensure the long-term success of the company. The reference to topics around high-tech as well as the so-called "key enabling technologies" is something we are particularly interested in. Here we have a high level of competence and knowledge of technologies and markets. 


  • Corporate Communication including tailer made activities for startups and growth companies
  • Mergers and acquisitions, IPOs or other transactions critical to success
  • Change Communication
  • Crisis Communication
  • Innovation Communication
  • Reputation Communication
  • Digital and Social Media
  • Strategic negotiations