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voice INTER connect GmbH

Software and ICT

We connect humans and machines via voice,
we offer technologies and services for an intuitive and comfortable man-machine interaction by embedded voice control and artificial assistants as well as software and embedded system solutions for efficient information pickup, -transmission and –processing in communication- and public address systems.

##acoustics ##artficial intelligence ##speech communication ##speech signal processing ##voice recognition

Looking For

Industrial customers and Strategic partners with a need

* for human awareness in the production or transport environment,

* for more efficient and intuitive user interfaces for their products,

* to enhance their products and solutions by modern, IP-based or wireless communication platforms and services

Business-oriented, passionate Employees and Partners to roll-out our new products in the market and grow our business opportunities.


With our key technologies and intelligent audio sensors we enable disruptive solutions for multi-modal men-machine cooperation and seamless video communication with excellent speech quality for markets like

* commercial vehicles

* medicine technology

* automation

* intercom