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VersaBox SP. Z O.O.

Manufacture of computer, electronic and optical products Manufacture of electronic components and boards Manufacture of electronic components
Machinery and Plant Engineering Software and ICT Transport and Logistics
Jacek Królik
Jutrzenki 99/101 hala A2
02-231 Warsaw

VersaBox is a Smart Robotics company. We bring together talents of new generation of innovators, software designers and engineers to develop world class, advanced technology solutions for the transforming global manufacturing and logistics. We put autonomy to work for our clients by implementing Smart Intralogistics platform based on autonomous robotic units. VersaBox solutions fill out the growing human workforce deficits with efficient, intelligent devices and enable productivity improvements through new generation of agile intralogistics processes (Intralogistics 4.0). We achieve this by implementing systems of collaborative autonomous robotic units, orchestrated by an innovative process management platform.

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