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ShapeFab GmbH & Co. KG


ShapeFab is based on 25 years of experience in the development and manufacturing of high-precision components made of brittle-hard materials.

Our main competence is a coordinate grinding process using diamond tools on high-precision 5-axis CNC-machines. Based on this, a process will be applied where grinding, fine grinding and polishing processes are combined on a single machine.

Our technology enables completely new ways in the fine machining of high-tech components made of technical glass, fused silica and ceramics:

  • Higher manufacturing accuracy compared to existing technologies
  • New possibilities of design within product development
  • More flexibility in process development
  • Efficient prototype and series production

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Looking For

We are looking for customers, industrial partners, strategic cooperations and interesting development projects.


The ShapeFab technology is particularly suitable for high-precision and complex products. Fixing geometries and optical-functional surfaces can be combined in one component such as lenses or coupling points for light. Precise positioning to existing microstructures (e.g. lithographs or etched structures) enables the manufacture of multifunctional components. Possible applications are microreactors, vacuum chucks, Lab-on-a-chip systems and lithographed sensor systems.

The following component properties are offered as standard:

  • Position tolerances to existing structures 5µm
  • Manufacturing tolerances +/- 3 µm
  • Minimal structures from 300 µm
  • Chipping at component edges 20 µm