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Relimetrics provides shop floor ready AI-based quality automation solutions that enable companies to digitize their quality assurance (QA) inspections and process control in manufacturing and assembly. Relimetrics solutions are designed for high production variability manufacturing environments with real-time inspection needs, can be quickly installed on the shop floor,  and provide 99.9%+ accuracy of anomaly detection.

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At Relimetrics, we are changing the paradigm of inflexible, hard to use & reconfigure quality automation (QA) systems with smart, connected & autonomous QA. Relimetrics product is an industrial grade framework for anyone without any coding or deep learning expertise to perform AI based machine vision and quickly deploy trained models in line for real time inspection on the shop floor and scale across inspection sites. Relimetrics enables manufacturers to perform AI based machine vision without constantly worrying about retraining their models offline each time they have new scenarios / configurations in their production. Here is an article which discusses how HPE Supply Chain and Foxconn is using Relimetrics to reduce the cost of rework by half a million dollars per manufacturing line per year -

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