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HighTech Startbahn GmbH

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HighTech Startbahn GmbH

With 300 happy consulting customers, 35 industry clients and interactions with over 2.200 young ventures annually, HighTech Startbahn has become an expert in company building and an authority in the European tech venture scene.

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Looking For

Young high-tech enterprises from all over Europe, that want to join/enter the german market.


The Venture Services Team acts as company builder &
matchmaker, focusing on the market entry, successful
growth, and the financing of your high-tech company.

We've been organizing HIGHTECH VENTURE DAYS since
2013 and have established strong relationships over the
years with startups, incubators, technology clusters and
investors all over Europe.

HTSB offers operational support in all aspects of B2B sales.
We consult our clients on how to access the market and
to set up sales structures and channels.