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Filipoo Ferarris
via della Consolata 4 Turin Italy
10122 Torino

Enerbrain solution consists of 4 main components: 1) Environmental sensors (called eSense), developed by us to monitor temperature, relative humidity,air pressure and CO2; These sensors have specially designed firmware that allows them to sustain between 4-10 years of battery life in a single recharge 2) Actuators, called eNodes, are our 1st core innovation and are currently European patent pending. eNodes are entirely developed by us (TRL 8); they are the “men in the middle” between our system and the HVAC system; 3) “Cloud” algorithm: it is our 2nd core innovation.

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Founded in 2015 within the Innovative Enterprises business incubator of the Politecnico di Torino, Enerbrain has developed energy retrofit solutions for large buildings that allow drastic cuts in consumption as well as a significant improvement in internal comfort. Thanks to innovative IoT hardware and powerful algorithms in the cloud to fine-tune energy usage in real time Enerbrain allows operational savings. The main focus goes beyond energy by providing the best indoor air quality and educating occupants in order to generate a wider social impact thanks to engagement tools and a new way to access data across devices.