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Manufacture of machinery and equipment n.e.c.
Environmental and Energy Technologies
Alexander Belskis
Brivibas 137b
LV-1002 Riga

EMPYRIO developed and succesfully tested autonomous and compact system for utilization of sewage sludge and any other high-moisture organic waste. Wastewater treatment plants (further – WWTPs) spend large budgets on subcontractors to get out of the sewage sludge, which is considered as harmful fertilizer for the landfilling. EMPYRIO compact incinerator allows utilize sewage sludge onsite without need for subcontracting of transportation and utilization. For large and medium size WWTPs there are large-scale incineration solutions in the market, but for small ones do not present. Thus EMPYRIO compact incinerators perfectly match this market niche and solve small WWTPs’ actual problem. Beachhead market is Germany, where sewage sludge incineration for phosphorus recovery will be mandatory from 2029.

##bio energy ##co2 emissions ##co2 reducing ##co2 storage