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Chainstep GmbH

Timo Schneider
Max-Brauer-Allee 46
22765 Hamburg

We are a startup that evolved from software development for clients regarding Blockchain implementation. We're a colorful mix of people with a business background in user design, logistics, consulting and software engineering. We started as a consultancy for blockchain solutions but are now transforming our knowledge into meaningful applications. Our product derived from a project we conducted for the Cotton Exchange Bremen. We want to increase efficiency for certification processes and improve their trustfulness.

##blockchain ##dlt ##drm ##ssi

Looking For

We are looking for companies that are:

  • digitizing their certificate handling along the supply chain
  • having issues with the authenticity of their certificates
  • whose certification process needs to be automated
  • searching for a way to include self-sovereign identity in their certification process

We would also like to:

  • receive feedback
  • get to know other entrepreneurial people
  • hear about other inspiring ideas and products


We developed a TRL4 prototype together with the CEB and the laboratory Impetus Bioscience to showcase the benefits to share certificates easily on a decentralized network. As for the application we developed an architecture that is based on a client-mold/server. We create a ts react/redux web application that processes certificates as JSON files. The files can be customized per client and industry. The ts-node/express server is powered by standard PostgreSQL and connected to the blockchain. We rely on existing and tested libraries to reduce the development efforts and increase the stability of the system. The certificates are created by on Ethereum. The JSON-forms are used to generate the input forms and to render the certificates via a headless chrome. Legacy systems and sensors will be decoupled and consumed via a secured Kafka cluster, and the initial cost of implementing certificated via an electronic currency can be managed, once we go into production by switching to sidetree. A future version on certBLOC could extend the certificate engine to a blockchain-based SSI provider, so that we can enable chains of trust in a secure and standard way.