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ELECTRICITY, GAS, STEAM AND AIR CONDITIONING SUPPLY Electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supply Electric power generation, transmission and distribution
Environmental and Energy Technologies
David Brown
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2150 Espoo

BroadBit Batteries is a Finnish company focused on producing low cost, high performance, batteries and battery components from sustainable materials and processes. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and commercial quality prototypes of our novel battery chemistries and structures are now being verified with partners. We have in process eight patent families on our technology. Our first three patents have already been granted, and we expect the remaining five to be soon granted. We are in multiple co-development projects with upstream and downstream partners to utilize our components and battery cells. Our first commercial scale component sales (electrolyte for supercapacitors and batteries) are targeted for Q4 2020 to a leading supercapacitor manufacturing partner and a Fortune 500 battery manufacturer. We have also signed our first commercial LOIs with a target of providing a prototype BroadBit battery pack to an electric aircraft and a drone manufacturer also in Q4 2020. We recently completed our first paid Proof-of-Concept projects with Kapsch, a leading Austrian transportation company, to develop batteries for their automotive and traffic applications and with Airbus to prove our batteries are compatible for their electric aircraft roadmap. We are working with other customers under NDA, including a major North American government department, automobile OEMs and battery manufactures. Customers have now independently demonstrated that our batteries can reliably operate in twice the temperature range as Li-ion and that our batteries are non-flammable. We also have just been awarded the Frost&Sullivan innovation of the year.

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