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Herstellung von elektronischen Bauelementen und Leiterplatten Herstellung von bestückten Leiterplatten Herstellung von elektrischen Ausrüstungen Herstellung von sonstigen elektrischen Ausrüstungen und Geräten a. n. g. Herstellung von elektrischem Installationsmaterial
Micro -and Nanotechnologies
Konrad Herre
Maria-Reiche-Strasse, 1
01109 Dresden

Sensry GmbH is a provider of universal, freely configurable sensor platforms that are intended for use in Internet of Things (IOT) applications and that are equipped with high computing power, state-of-the-art security concepts and a large number of communication interfaces. The sensor platforms offer a wide range of detectable measurands, enable sensor and data fusion as well as a high degree of connectivity. The free configurability allows great freedom in the selection of different individual sensor components and, thus, detectable measured variables. It also allows the recorded measured values to be evaluated on the spot and to react to the measured results as quickly as possible. Type, speed and scope of the reaction can be defined flexibly and application-specifically. This approach of the greatest possible flexibility is supplemented by the choice of all common transmission protocols, wireless and wired, so that the products of Sensry GmbH can be easily integrated into any industrial and end customer applications of the IoT.

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