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Indigo Optical Systems GmbH

Herstellung von Datenverarbeitungsgeräten, elektronischen und optischen Erzeugnissen
Machinery and Plant Engineering
Dr. Martin Wünsche
Moritz-von-Rohr-Str. 1a
07745 Jena

Versatile spectrometer with high resolution & efficiency With the development of EUV lithography using radiation at 13.5 nanometer for semiconductor manufacturing, extreme ultraviolet radiation (EUV, XUV) has become a major industrial significance. This leads to a demand for high-resolution and sensitive diagnostics and measurement technology. As a result, we build a modular XUV / EUV and soft X-ray spectrometer that can be used in plasma spectroscopy, source diagnostics and metrology. It is particularly suitable for laser plasma sources (LPS) and high harmonic sources (high harmonic generation, HHG).

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